T H E A W A R D - W I N N I N G S H O R T F I L M



Brilliant Life Affirming Film   * * * * *  

by sailingjan333

Every once in a while a film comes along that changes your life or helps you change the life of someone else. Beautifully told, the story in TRIGGER is haunting, beatiful, touching and inspiring.



Loved it!    * * * * *

by JRF Puerto Rico

Amazing film! Paints a real picture of what some people in the LGBT+ community face when coming out of the closet. Its a story about finding light when you are stuck in darkness; a story about hope and compassion. It also opens a conversation about suicide that we all need to be having. Loved it!


Gripping from the first moments   * * * * *

by gorkkhead

This film immediately draws you in to the struggle of a young man grappling with deep internal pain. The interplay between chaos and calm paints a captivating picture of the complex nature of human emotion. Everything from the photography to the script to the acting elevates this short film to a level of power and depth that's rare to find even in feature films. It's a compelling story that's well worth watching.



Raw Emotion + Powerful Message* * * * * 

by uijallen

I am struck by how close you can get to a character in an 11 minute film.  You're drawn to the character and are actively rooting for him to overcome this dark time in his life despite only having him on the screen for a few brief moments.  A film with a phenomenal message with potentially far reaching consequences for far less than your morning latte.